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Labour protection for chiefs and specialists of the organizations
The course is based on the Order of labour protection training, approved by the Resolution No.1/29. It is prepared for the chiefs of the enterprises and organizations, their deputies, for chiefs and specialist of labour protection services, for engineering staff of the organizations and enterprises, for members of the commissions, checking the level of labour protection knowledge and authorized representatives of the labour unions, responsible for labour protection.
At least once every 3 years
Duration the training is 40 hours

In accordance with Article 22 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, every employer, regardless of the type of organization, must ensure employees safe working conditions, namely: to provide training in safe methods and techniques for the job, to give protection (individual or collective), to conduct briefings on the protection of labor. Upon completion of training, students will gain knowledge about the kinds of instruction, the persons responsible for briefing and training on occupational safety and health, liability provided for failure to comply with health and safety legislation, on the documents to be drawn up during the training and testing of knowledge on labor protection. Article 212 trad Code of the Russian Federation found that the employer is not entitled to prevent the work of persons who have not passed in the established procedure training and instruction in occupational safety and health, training and testing of knowledge of labor protection requirements. All employees of the organization, including managers, are required to undergo safety training and testing of knowledge of labor protection requirements at least once every three years.

Описание курса

Labour protection basis

Organization of labour protection events in the organization

Final test of the training course “Labour protection”